Digital Playground

Retail Transformation

We made stores more entertaining, more hygienic, and more share-able.

Why? To boost customer engagement and perception scores in Xfinity Retail.

Here’s sentiment before we started:

Here’s sentiment after:

More entertaining.

"visitors are able to discover cinematic worlds hidden inside normal retail posters"

We turned thousands of posters in hundreds of locations into augmented reality experiences.

8 target-tracked AR films across multiple posters. All experience ran in the mobile phone browser. No app install required.

More hygienic.

We gave touch-screen devices touch-free capabilities.

When the pandemic hit, to help slow surface-spreading, we aimed to reduce the amount of touches that visitors had to perform on in-store devices. So we turned a ☝️ to a 👋 . Now users could simply wave to use the devices. No hardware additions. Purely remotely deployed software. $0 install cost.

Wave your hand to flip cards with fun content on them.

Use of the touch-free experience was linked to +8% sales increase of products within the experience.

More share-able.

Get a 📸 with the characters of Sing 2 and share it with the 🌎.

We made a mobile browser selfie experience, where Sing 2 cast appeared around you in 3D augmented reality.



Snr. Creative Director

In-store retail digital experiences


Illumination Films
The Mill
8th Wall
One Thousand Birds

Xfinity Retail went from DMV to OMG. Over 500 stores where transformed into Digital Playgrounds.

The Xfinity Store used to be a place you had to go. We helped make it a place you want to go. The initiatives helped improve customer and Prospect perception scores significantly. Michael is the lead creative on the account for three years running. He works with talented folks at Elephant and various production partners, while fostering the client relationship. He leads conceptualization, creates and presents decks, designs UI in Figma, mocks up visuals in Photoshop, edits proof-of-concept videos and motion graphics in Premiere and After Effects, creates 3D graphics (Unreal Engine, C4D, Blender, Dimension), rapid prototypes augmented reality experiences (Spark AR, Snap Lens Studio, Aero), and attends shoots in Los Angeles, Miami, Philadelphia.

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