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Michael Ashton is an ultramodern storyteller.

He knows the power of a great story well-told.

Today’s brands need ultramodern storytellers to help solve business problems.

We humans are wired for stories. No matter if it’s a literal book, ad, brand design, digital product, spatial computing demo, or social PR campaign — fundamental storytelling has the power to change minds.

And innovative tech can amplify those stories like never before.

Every day is different for Michael.

He might use AI to help a student visualize their dream future in tech. 

Or design a product to help Apple Card prospects live healthier financial lives. 

Create marketing communications around the Super Bowl that gets gen-z into Apple Cash.

Prototype spatial computing demos to bring your music, movies, and sports into your 3D space.

Make a deck to inspire the Creative Department about mid-century designers Charles and Ray Eames.

Lead a brand identity project for revolutionary finance platform JKBX that lets you invest in Beyoncé’s music. 

Set the creative vision for the Xfinity Retail experience so customers are actually excited to come back in-store. 

Meet potential hires and ask them a consistent set of questions that gives every candidate equal opportunity to shine. 

Encourage the team to take a brief for a billboard and transform it into an experiential event for The Wall Street Journal.

Dangerously dangle over a crocodile pit (with real crocodiles) for Volkswagen ads, ironically to advertise a safety feature. 

Unlock and promote 3D skills of teammates for TV ads for the world’s largest bitcoin investment fund from Grayscale.

Elevate Morgan Stanley interns as valuable enough to be emblazoned on building-sized billboards in Times Square. 

Represent creative departments from multiple partner agencies on multimillion dollar productions for the Olympics. 

Asked real Australians their honest questions about McDonald’s to fight fake news about the Big Mac.

Launch a #1 mobile gaming app that gets millennials to Drop into Macca’s and buy more burgers.

Spearhead the use of conversational UI to help women feel confident about fighting ageism.

Oversee a Domino’s Pizza photo shoot and scan a pizza with photogrammetry. 

Write funny and relatable scenes for Amazon TV ads. 

He doesn’t do it alone — he works with talented folks.

Michael was most recently Group Creative Director on Apple, FX, and Xfinity at Elephant in New York.

He reported directly to the CCO. 

He presents work directly to CEOs.

He leads teams of creatives with Designers, Copywriters, Art Directors, Creative Directors, Directors, Photographers, Motion Graphics Artists, and ‘artist’ Artists — along with a whole army of friendly engineering and production staff.

Together, they solved tough problems for industry titans. 

As a creative leader, he collaborates on big ideas that leave big impressions. Even if it’s for a small screen. 

Over the past 15 years he’s created product design, brand identity, gaming, retail, experiential, and innovative marketing communications.

Michael has won, shortlisted, and judged awards.

Michael contributes to industry press.

Tutored students enrolled in West Herts College Watford Ad School.

He’s been to Cannes.

He’s judged the award shows.

And presented on stage at Vivid Festival gaming conference.

He works hard but is easy going.

That’s probably because he’s always lived and worked on an island. 

First Australia. 

Then the UK. 

Now, New York City. 

He loves island life. 



Group Creative Director



Senior Creative Director



Creative Director



Creative Director

The & Partnership


Associate Creative Director

The & Partnership





Art Director



Senior Creative (Freelance)

DDB, BMF, Host


Art Director



Artist In Residence

Trophy Room Gallery


Art Director



Art Director






Founder / Designer

Cadence Innovations



P Magazine

Awards and recognitions.

The FWA — Site of the Day
Dope Awards — Gold
W3 — Gold

Westfield and Woolmark — ‘Fashion by Feelings’

Cannes Lions — Shortlist

Literacy Partners — ‘Unreadable Books’

Spikes Asia — Gold, Silver, 2 ✕ Bronze
One Show — 2 ✕ Finalist
A.W.A.R.D — 3 ✕ Bronze

Volkswagen — ‘Genuine Parts’

Shortys — Finalist
O.M.M.A Awards — Gold

Chico’s — ‘How Bold Are You’

Aimia — Gold
Desktop Magazine Create Awards — Silver
B.A.D Awards — Silver
Webby — Official Honoree

Greenpeace — ‘Action Pact’

Cannes Young Lions — Winner Australia

Murdoch Children’s Research Institute — ‘Birthday Video’

AIMIA — Finalist

Prodigy Films — ‘Website’

Effie — Silver
ADMA — Silver

Telstra — ‘Home Buddies Bundle – Always On’

UK Travel Marketing Awards — Best Viral

Tourism Queensland — ‘Koalapult’

Webby — Winner

Greenpeace — ‘Send A Whale’

New York Festivals Advertising Awards — Shortlist
Webby — Official Nominee

EA The Sims — ‘Digital Design System’

Webby — Official Nominee

Entertainment & Culture — Websites and Mobile Sites – Email Newsletters

FX on Hulu — Email Marketing Toolkit

Webby — 2 ✕ Honoree

Video – Performance & Craft – Best Use of AI
Video – General Video – Science & Education

All Star Code — The Next Ten Years in Tech: Quincy Box

Email Michael or call 929-216-2111 if you’d like to connect and talk about the future.