Senior Creative Director

Elephant β€” 2021

Creative Director

Elephant β€” 2019

Creative Director

The&Partnership β€” 2018

Associate Creative Director

The&Partnership β€” 2017


BBH β€” 2016

Art Director

WCRS β€” 2015

Senior Creative

Freelance (BMF, Host, DDB) β€” 2015

Art Director

DDB β€” 2011

Artist In Residence

Trophy Room Gallery β€” 2012

Art Director

Circul8 β€” 2009


Circul8 β€” 2007

Founder / Designer

Cadence Innovations β€” 2006


P Magazine β€” 2005


and Recognitions

The FWA β€” Site of the Day

Dope Awards β€” Gold

W3 β€” Gold

Westfield and Woolmark β€” ‘Fashion by Feelings’

Cannes Lions β€” Shortlist

Literacy Partners β€” ‘Unreadable Books’

Spikes Asia β€” Gold, Silver, 2 βœ• Bronze

One Show β€” 2 βœ• Finalist

A.W.A.R.D β€” 3 βœ• Bronze

Volkswagen β€” ‘Genuine Parts’

Shortys β€” Finalist

O.M.M.A Awards β€” Gold

Chico’s β€” ‘How Bold Are You’

Aimia β€” Gold

Desktop Magazine Create Awards β€” Silver

B.A.D Awards β€” Silver

Webby β€” Official Honoree

Greenpeace β€” ‘Action Pact’

Cannes Young Lions β€” Winner Australia

Murdoch Children’s Research Institute β€” ‘Birthday Video’

AIMIA β€” Finalist

Prodigy Films β€”Β  ‘Website’

Effie β€” Silver

ADMA β€” Silver

Telstra β€” ‘Home Buddies Bundle – Always On’

UK Travel Marketing Awards β€” Best Viral

Toursim Queensland β€” ‘Koalapult’

Webby β€” Winner

Greenpeace β€” ‘Send A Whale’

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