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AI helped me develop a movie idea I had. ChatGPT wrote the storyline, and Stable Diffusion created the visuals.

The idea:

When a team of scientists travels back in time, they discover that the fearsome dinosaurs they expected are actually the size of house pets.


Dr. Alice Morgan is a paleontologist who has been working on a time-travel project with a team of scientists for several years. The team includes Dr. Jake Thompson, the physicist who invented the time-travel technology, Dr. Emma Reyes, the resident dinosaur expert, Dr. Kyle Johnson, the geologist, and Dr. Samantha Williams, the anthropologist.

After many setbacks and failures, the team finally succeeds in traveling back in time to the era of the dinosaurs. However, they are shocked to discover that the dinosaurs are not the massive creatures they expected, but are instead the size of small dogs.

The team quickly realizes that the expansion of the universe over time has caused the dinosaurs to shrink in size. They are excited to have made this groundbreaking discovery, but they are also concerned about the potential consequences of their time-travel mission.

As they continue to explore the prehistoric world, they encounter various small dinosaurs and learn more about their behavior and ecology. They also discover that the small dinosaurs are much more intelligent and adaptable than they originally thought.

Meanwhile, Dr. Alice Morgan’s obsession with bringing her dog back to life reaches a breaking point. She becomes increasingly erratic and erratic, and eventually attempts to use the time-travel technology to go back in time and prevent the accident that ended her career and killed her dog.

While Dr. Alice Morgan is gone, Dr. Kyle Johnson takes the opportunity to sabotage the team’s mission. He is being blackmailed by Frank, a ruthless entrepreneur, with evidence of his affair with a married colleague. In exchange for keeping his secret, Dr. Kyle Johnson agrees to help Frank steal the small dinosaurs and sell them as exotic pets.

The remaining members of the team are devastated when they realize what has happened. They are determined to stop Frank and save the small dinosaurs, but they are not sure how to do it without Dr. Alice Morgan and the time-travel technology.

In a surprising and brilliant turn of events, the team is able to use their knowledge of the small dinosaurs’ intelligence and adaptability to their advantage. They train the small dinosaurs to work together as a team and use their natural abilities to outsmart Frank and Kyle.